personalized jewelry shaped by your voice.

Turn a personal sound, word or phrase into a unique piece of waveform jewelry! It’s easy: Record your voice or a simple sound, and get your own custom-made soundwave bracelet, necklace or keychain. From lasercut wood or acrylic to precious metals created with state of the art 3D printing technology, BZA has the perfect material for your distinctive creation.

Each piece is one of a kind – a beautiful, tactile representation of your personal message. They say diamonds are forever, but a visualized audio sentiment is something truly memorable. Makes a perfect gift!


They say diamonds are forever, but your personal soundwave definitely has more lasting meaning – especially when cast or printed in solid metals.
These silver and steel pieces ensure your message will last a lifetime.



The Original Soundwave Jewelry


Hi, I’m Dave.

I’m a designer who started making sound wave jewelry back in 2008, as part of my university thesis.

At that time laser cutting and especially 3D printing were relatively new technologies, and were mostly seen as industrial manufacturing methods. But I saw a different potential in them – the potential to create meaningful, symbolic art pieces.

When I put my original site online, the idea quickly caught on and orders started coming in fast. I was excited that there were others out there who shared my passion, and I definitely wasn’t in the position or the mindset to consider patents or anything like that.

Since then quite a few other sites have popped up, selling very similar products. Most of them seem like straight-up copycat businesses, trying to turn a profit off my original thesis project. Kind of a bummer.

Meanwhile I’m still keeping it real, doing this whole thing myself as a solo designer, creating each piece individually by hand. With the help of some pretty cool tech and lasers, of course 😉

My thanks go out to everyone who chooses to support my design work by buying an authentic, original piece. If you’re thinking about buying from a competitor due to a lower price, drop me a line and I’ll gladly give you a discount.


High five,

Dave /


Some sources where my jewelry has been featured

I was in wired!

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